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The decision to transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship was not an easy one. I held myself back for years thinking that I didn't yet have what it takes to make "the leap". I was constantly being told, "take the leap and the net will be there". This message came from many different sources and it is showing up again for me now after having taken the leap in a different (yet supportive) way. A friend recommended a book that you may have come across, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. I found it interesting that during my time of decision making I was being directed to "take the leap" and now that I have done that, the universe is saying to me "now what?".

To keep this short, The Big Leap talks about ULP's (Upper Limiting Problems) that we create to disturb our happiness or a time when things are just feeling really. Hendricks notes that we are most productive, happy, and creative when we are in a place he calls the Genius Zone. He notes that we often sabotage ourselves with overly critical thinking that keeps us in our safe space. To me, the timing of this reading encourages me when I am in the "now what" to push me beyond my limit, even if it is only a micro-step forward. I work to ensure that something that I am doing today is getting me closer to my "now what". Some days I know exactly what that is and what I can do next, but some days I don't. I just go with the flow and see where the day leads me. On days like the latter, I spend time at the end of the day reflecting on any signs, thoughts, or feelings that generated something new and exciting for me and include it in my plan for the very next day.

For some to take the Big Leap, it may feel easy, but for those of us that it doesn't come that easily we observe, we plan, we feel, THEN we take action. Whichever personality you are, it's still a change, it's still a leap and it's important to YOU. For those of you who don't like living in the "now what", take the time to go with the flow and see what shows up for you. Take the time to breathe and allow things to surface for you. I have observed clients have major breakthroughs in the "now what" phase reaching for that Genius Zone, how can you take one micro-step to your genius today?

What messages are showing up for you around an important area of your life? Is there a decision looming that you just can't shake? Are you torn between a layer of familiar vs. unfamiliar? Are there signs showing up that lead you to take a leap or are you feeling the "what now"?

Two things:

1. Assess the situation: How are you REALLY feeling? Not how do others want you to feel, not how would you be perceived, but how do YOU feel about the situation? Where are the signs of the universe leading you?

2. Take action: What is one thing that you can do today to help you move into what you REALLY want? Micro-steps can lead to big changes! What are you willing to do today, to get you one step closer to your Genius Zone, or higher potential?

Let's Dance!

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Jazmin Young
Jazmin Young
30. Jan. 2023


Yet again you have provided another brilliant example of how your mindset is such a game changer in the level of quality you provide as a coach.

Gefällt mir
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