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Are You Living the Utopian Purpose

A friend recently told me that I needed a blog for my website, I responded to her that I’m not a writer so we’ll have to leave that part out. She went on to say, your people want to connect with you, and know who you are. First of all, my people? Who are they? Wait, who am I?! Nope not doing it, palm slap to the face, I quit, I quit my own company, can’t do it. This, I thought would be the death of me, to expose myself and show everyone (anyone) else that, I am not a writer. Well, she won the debate and here we are. The judgement free zone, give me grace as we take this journey.

As I read and re-read that paragraph, I put my coaching hat on and I realized that my reason for saying “this isn’t going to happen” was out of fear (false evidence appearing real). The truth is, I do have people, I am a little entertaining, and gosh darn-it I have something to share (go with me here). Still coaching myself in the moment, my second thought was, what am I going to do about this fear? How will I shift my mindset from a firm no to a maybe, or even a possible yes? At this point I realized, my next step is to seek encouragement or a little empowerment. Aah! I’ll go back to my most recent book “Live Big” by Ajit Nawalkha, Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach. I needed something that spoke to me in my language (and his style makes me laugh). Not only does he start the book with instructions on how to read the book…which then tell you that there are no instructions on how to read the book (genius), he uses words like unique, authentic, unicorn, utopia (words that I love). In fact, the chapter I was drawn to which transitioned me from a firm no to a yes was his chapter on “The Utopian Purpose”. The chapter talks about purpose being to create and live in your utopia by leaning in to the truest most alive and authentic version of self. Well, I talk to myself all the time and I think I tell myself some pretty good stuff, so why not share it. Right?! With that, I will share what I’m learning from you and my trusted guides, to help us live our truest most authentic lives, increasing our awareness and our potential in a way that’s fun and liberating, and if nothing else…entertaining!

I plan to spend a lot of time with “my people” sharing what I learn and coaching along the way! Every single day opens a new way of thinking for me. I love learning, especially about the greatest assets life has to offer, people, you and me!

So, what’s the point? Well I have two:

1. You don’t have to be a certified coach to coach yourself in the moment or to coach anyone for that matter (I can teach you how). Find opportunities to coach yourself to your best solutions like I did above. I promise your coaching moments will add up.

2.Every day we change. Change is transformation, transformation is growth (big or small). We will learn something today that We didn’t know yesterday that will give us new insight, and guess what, that’s the beauty of the journey, the beauty of taking a step or taking a risk, or taking a leap. The beauty of living your unique, authentic, unicorn, utopian purpose! Let that synch in!

Live Big quotes “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a place on the floor. It’s to enjoy every step along the way.”

-Wayne Dyer

Care to dance? (Warning, I’m a pretty good dancer on Friday’s).


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