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Do You Know You

You’re still with me…excellent!!

In the last blog I wrote about returning to one of my favorite books for encouragement and empowerment to change a no to a yes. Live Big by Ajit Nawalkha.

Today’s chapter that spoke to me was “Know Thyself” and my first thought was, that’s going to be hard because we change everyday (on purpose, right)? Well, the question that stuck out for me was “Is there real happiness or fulfillment when there is no knowledge and understanding of self?” What do you think?

The chapter goes on to say that “when you know yourself, you can get to your personal truth”. That’s a scary sentence to me. I think I have a lot of truths that were given to me. We have some work to do!

I was recently visiting with a friend who shared with me that she no longer loves her chosen career path, but she’s not sure what she wants to do. I nonchalantly ask, “what are you good at”. I was not prepared for her response which was “nothing”. Wait…this can’t be true. Self-talk made her believe that she was good at nothing. She has a beautiful young family, she has cared for elders in her life with great empathy and respect, I can see so many things she good at that she can’t see. Eventually, we brainstormed on other potential outcomes besides nothing. Somewhere along her journey, someone told her she wasn’t good at anything and that stuck. With a little soul searching to find her own truth, she uncovered many things she’s good at that she didn’t think were options. She walked away with a host of directions to take her skill set to the next level.

So, what’s the point? Well I have two:

  1. Think about it, are you telling yourself truths that don’t belong to you, but were given to you? Stop doing that!

  2. Are you willing to dig in and find your personal truths to potentially lead to greater fulfillment and happiness? Let’s connect!

Let’s dance,


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